Birthing of Anastasia

Thinking and building in 3D – Textiles and beyond…     NEW DATES !
Five day intensive in Castlemaine November 25 – 29
Experience new ways of thinking and making in 3D! There are many textile and basketry techniques available (and many more we can invent) that lend themselves to sculptural outcomes.  Beginning with presentations of inspirational 3D Art Textiles of the World (both traditional and contemporary) we will explore a variety of approaches to sculptural construction in this hands-on course.  Content will also be shaped by participants’ sampling, reflection, current interests and observations.  Bring your own skills and experience!  Experiment and cross pollination are central to these workshops. A myriad of methods and materials begin to suggest themselves the more broadly we think, and the outcomes can range from the miniature to the architectural. Materials list provided on enrolment.
Monday to Friday 25 Nov – 29 Nov, 9.30am – 3.30pm. Cost $340

Contact: Castlemaine Continuing Education. ph. 03 5472 3299

Anastasia’s Entrance

On the first day of this Textile Course, as we set up our tables with our various stashes and nests of fabric, there were name tags to identify us. I cannot recall quite what was said to make Ilka say that we could be anyone we wanted to be.

In a fleeting moment Anastasia emerged, like a thin, barely visible waft of smoke from an incense stick.

As I wrote the name Anastasia on the blank canvas of the name tag everyone laughed. Within moments, like the bag of a hot air balloon she filled, puffed up, rose and gained stature.

Upon rising she spoke saying ‘I am Anastasia and Anastasia is happy to be here with Heather. We are ready to have fun and play.’

Then, during  an activity when Ilka was encouraging us to define the essence of a concept Anastasia prodded me, laughed as only Anastasia can laugh and suggested that it would be a challenge to forage and identify the essence of her.

Yes! She is a spirited one. I saw that unleashing her, filling her with warm air means I have something to contend with.

This blog is now Anastasia’s blog. Old posts have been removed and we are starting over, happy to be working collaboratively. The hunt has begun!

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