A Piano Graveyard

Just outside the tiny town of York sits a piano graveyard, where the majestic instruments are taken to die.

While I was foraging I happened upon this art installation that grew organically and in doing so, embraced the, all but taboo, subjects of death and decomposition.

The Fling scene from Northern Exposure – Compliments of Lori Gloyd

7 thoughts on “A Piano Graveyard

  1. Thank you for posting this! Yes, the subjects of death and decomposition are even more so “all but taboo” when it comes to children. In our homeschool, we are studying the rise and fall of empires. We had so much fun studying Rome, and my 6 year-old daughter was sad when it fell. I am trying to help her understand (and me too…me too, me too, me too) the cycles of life, and embracing rather than fighting, death and decomposition. I am ever grateful to you for the “Journey of the Heart” advent calendar. Never did particularly well in history when I was in school – you helped bring that part of the world and the aesthetic of ancient times alive for me. I was not expecting our second grade curriculum to cover history in such depth, but I am finding that I am enjoying it greatly after having been exposed to your work. I have been visiting the Soul Food Cafe every night before bed since last summer. It helps me “refill my cup” after long days of homeschooling and managing a household. Creative Foraging has helped me nurture myself apart from my many roles in the home. So thankful for the privilage of being able to continue to share in your unique take on things.

    • Thank you so much! Soul Food remains ‘my body of art’ and I am proud of it and grateful that it has had such a positive impact on people like you. Many, have, like yourself, found it a place to heal. And know that Creative Foraging is an extension of Soul Food. It is the path that winds back on itself to home.

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