Law of Accretion

noun: accretion
growth or increase by the gradual accumulation of additional layers or matter.
“the accretion of sediments in coastal mangroves”
synonyms: accumulation, collecting, gathering, amassing, cumulation, accrual, growth, formation, enlargement, increase, gain, augmentation, rise, mushrooming, snowballing;

AccretionIt began with a simple line of cloth rope.

Then, quite unexpectedly, the rope took on a life of its own and began whispering to me.

It began to grow.

First there was the introduction of varying shades and color.

Then, as the fingers worked, talking, as they have a habit of doing, directly to the brain, memories rose.

Voices called for me to bear witness to what lay, deep within.

Words on paper that need no explanation! The words sewn on the ball. Words that will disappear into the growing mass.

The process of accretion has been activated!

I am reminded of making Descansos!

there is a time in our lives, usually in midlife, when a woman has to make a decision – possibly the most the important psychic decision of her future life – about whether to be bitter or not”

Without a hint of bitterness I am acknowledging the role of accretion in my life. Some of those layers of matter that fill the crevices within may be represented here..

And so the ball forms a mass, hiding within it the things that lie hidden within me, yet yearn to be acknowledged.

2 thoughts on “Law of Accretion

  1. Your first post about the making of the rope, the simple line, intrigued me so much I fell asleep that night thinking about what fabrics, what textures and colours I had available for a rope of my own. Since I left the Tiger Group Gallery in October I haven’t worked on my art much at all. Pain is the main reason, but even when I’ve tried to dabble in modified activity I have found myself blocked by something I couldn’t put my finger on until I was chatting with a fellow artist who turned on the proverbial light for me: I have been programmed, after so many years in the mainstream art business, to approach my art making in terms of “what will sell”. AGH! ACK! How to kill your creativity 101!

    A few years ago I started making a rope too. After my daughter passed away. Don’t know why. Just picked up torn strips of vintage fabrics and started braiding them with no goal in mind. And it grew and grew. My partner asked me what my intent was. I was just trying to do something besides staring out the window crying. I knew intuitively when I was done with the rope and sewed the piece into a circle. It’s a symbol of many things. I have never felt the need to explain it to anyone. It was a deeply personal and necessary exercise.

    I am further intrigued by the idea of your rope taking the shape of a ball with personal words eventually being buried inside. I used to need to show and tell others everything about myself, reveal everything that was inside me, get all that thrilled and frightened and pained me outside of me. I didn’t know how to live with it, alone, how to make a place for it all and simply live with it, peacefully. I am older now. I don’t need absolution or solace over every little or large event. I am enough as I am. I share what I must, and what may help others, but I’m not a walking autobiography anymore. I don’t need to be. It’s a bloody relief, too.

    I am going to enjoy musing about a rope ball of my own with many bits of personal things buried inside as it grows. If the feeling for it remains high I will engage in the activity. In the true spirit of creativity, it would be an important exercise in making art for the sake of itself, to cleanse myself of the “will it sell?” mentality that plagues me.

    Again – as always – the Muse comes to me when I need her most. Thank you, Heather. I am so deeply blessed to have you in my life these 14 years.

    Steph aka Quiet Tirade

  2. Absolutely brilliant and true and had not heard of this technique before, but what you have made, Heather, looks very beautiful. That is such a profound set of words in that quote. Vast. Love it all.

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