A Flashback

ShineI have been foraging around through archived material at Soul Food and stumbled upon a magazine I created in 2004. This Anthology was compiled to showcase student writing at LaTrobe Secondary College and some of the Primary Schools that surrounded it.

LaTrobe Secondary College closed a number of years ago but this copy remains, a reminder of something that was produced in its final years. It also records work undertaken with the feeder primary schools in the area.

Looking back I am in awe of what we achieved, but perhaps more in awe of the fact that long lost links can still be traced, as can the crazy interview I did as a part of  the highly successful Pop Art Fiction project.

5 thoughts on “A Flashback

  1. Love your creative foraging into soul food archives bringing material into the light.

    A quote in email this morning:

    “You never go as far as when you don’t know where you are going.”

    [Author Unknown.]

  2. Well Lordy Lord…I had TOTALLY forgotten that your mannequin project at La Trobe was the inspiration for the mannequins that I have worked on in my professional art career! I remember the creative projects you worked on there over the years and always thought how lucky those students were to have you.

    I was up early this morning, by 6am, which is a miracle for me! I spent the day writing, musing about possible directions for this next year. Go ahead and laugh. There’s just no knowing! But it was umpteen hours of stream-of-consciousness writing that exhausted me until I fell into bed again for a long winter nap around 4pm. All I managed to figure out for sure is what I don’t want. Which, I suppose, is a lot. And so I hope you’re right: “You never go so far as when you don’t know where you are going.”

    I’m glad to have taken this trip down memory lane to La Trobe. It was a wonderful place. You made it so.

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