Grandmother’s Coat

Grandmother-s coat heller kleinI have always been fascinated by Clarissa Pinkola Estes idea of making a full length scapecoat to detail in painting, writing, with all manner of things pinned and stitched inside. But I really love what Alice Wellinger has done here. This beautiful piece truly resonates and fuels the desire to do something using a grey coat that I have had hanging, unworn for many years.

In order to come to know them better it could also be good to explore what the inside of a character’s coat looks like

7 thoughts on “Grandmother’s Coat

  1. This has stirred a memory in me. My mother bought a cony fur coat when she was a young women, in the very early 1940;s just before the war. It was dyed a rich dark sable color. She kept the for years and I remember trying it on many times as a child when I was playing around her her closet. In fact, I think the coat may still be somewhere at my dad’s house. Anyway, the unique thing about this coat was that the lining of the coat was embroidered in an intricate design of tiny colored beads. I suspect that the lining could have been seen if the coat were casually thrown over the back of the chair, but for the most part this painstakingly embroidered artwork was mostly unseen when worn. I suppose the point is not that it would be seen by any viewer; rather this beautiful work would only been seen by the wearer — and that made all the difference.

  2. What a marvelous idea and an even more incredible coat. Particularly working in hospice, I found that each person, no matter how limited in their world views and world travels, had a rich tapestry of life that they, themselves, weren’t usually aware of. It took a new ear to listen to help them appreciate themselves and their lives.

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