A Holiday Write Treat

Anita Marie Moscosso was an active, highly valued member of the Soul Food Cafe at its height between 2000-2005. While I no longer work Soul Food I have continued to pay to keep this magical world online. It still offers rich creative stimuli and holds its own today! The Chocolate Box was one of the first features I created. My son created the gorgeous template for me. He went on to create art work for all the features at Soul Food.

I do hope some folk will wander down memory lane, click the individual chocolates and see where their work takes them. Perhaps the mists will rise and the world of Lemuria will be visible again. I will happily repost and feature Chocolate Box pieces here.



Years ago I met some wonderful Writers and Artists through a website called The Soul Food Café.

Heather Blakey was the creator of this wonderful site and grew it into a vibrant community.

There are many,  many pages at the Café where you can go for inspiration or to feed or meet your Muse.

The Chocolate Box was one of my favorite prompts- I’m totally into the Holiday Spirit ( as far as my writing goes anyway ) so I think I’m going to work through these.

If you’d like to try, just click HERE  to find the box of Chocolates and click a treat and find your prompt.

To visit the Soul Food Café Homepage click HERE

I’d love to read what  you might come up with, so please leave a link in the comment section.


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