Meeting Anastasia

Searching for the Essence of Anastasia

Anastasia emerged when I was doing a Textile Class at Continuing Education Castlemaine. It all happened when Ilka White said that we could be whoever we liked and I used the name Anastasia on my name card. I immediately BECAME Anastasia.

In doing so, found I freed a part of me. Over the years I have worked using numerous altar egos such as Enchanteur, The Abbess of the Lemurian Abbey and Sibyl Riversleigh. During that time I communicated with and related  to these active parts of my creative self.

A series of losses plunged me into a different space and my creativity seemed to dry up.

Anastasia represents renewal. She is new, yet the same. I am not really familiar with her quirks yet so I am hoping that as I work her essence will become clearer. I am foraging to discover who Anastasia is and what she, as a new guide, is offering me.

Anastasia is telling me to forage creatively and to lead creative foraging expeditions.

Artful Foraging

The Art of Urban Foraging
Wild at Heart Foraging in Melbourne
The Gourmet Forager

7 thoughts on “Meeting Anastasia

  1. How fabulous Heather! I too am looking forward to getting to know Anastasia better – yet again you have inspired – shown a way to re-connect with creative aspects of self that may have been hidden or stuck, bless you 🙂

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