Memory Jugs

Memory Jugs Descansos

The first memory jugs were made by African Americans for grave adornments. Memory jugs are mosaic vessels covered in mortar and encrusted with shards, shells, and various found objects. They were popular in Victorian times as folk art but the idea is believed to have originated from African mourning vessels. “ These were memory laden mosaics…three dimensional scrapbooks. In essence they are fascinating time capsules that link the past to the present as poignant narratives.

What would you put on a memory jug? Contemplate a narrative that might spring from making this art form.

A Foraging We Go

Since I gave up full time work and worked primarily from home I have come to enjoy going out for a few hours in the middle of the day. Over summer, when so many people are on holidays and out and about, I find it all the more important to go out for a few hours.

Yesterday while I was out I stopped at the Guildford General Store for a late lunch and then browsed at Book Heaven on the way back to Castlemaine.

Book Heaven Castlemaine

I managed to find a rare copy of Don Quixote with exquisite  Salvador Dali drawings.  With over 90,000 titles at Book Heaven it is hard to come away without anything.

Today a friend and I headed over to nearby Maldon and had Apple and Rhubarb pie at Zen Produce Store and then found the ‘inland beach’ at Welshman’s Reef Caravan Park area.


Photos on the Caravan Park’s site reveal a water wonderland here. But with strong gusty winds whipping up off the water it was not the time to have ‘dip’. However, there is no doubt that this is another good site for one of those spontaneous picnics.