A Foraging We Go

Yesterday I caught the V Line train from Castlemaine into Melbourne to meet my children and have some time together.

We ate at Wonderbao, a tiny outlet, tucked in an obscure part of Melbourne, that is devoted to the Bao.

Then we wended our way through the packed city streets to the Melbourne Now Exhibition at the NVG. The NGV, no doubt influenced by Mona, which I visited only last month, has a different feel about it these days. Time spent there certainly added to my desire to create again.

This painting by August Friedrich Albrecht Schenck captured my imagination. It was featured in an amazing collection of artifacts about all things air.

Another highlight of the day was winding our way back through Melbourne’s arcades to the station.

Local Foraging

In her acclaimed ‘The Artist’s Way’, Julia Cameron makes a feature of Artist Dates or weekly artist assigned play days.

One of the joys of living in Castlemaine is that it is like living upon the hub of a wheel.

Spin the wheel, see where it lands and you can take yourself out to any number of lovely places to have an assigned play day.  Here there are endless options!

Daylesford is little over twenty kilometres from Castlemaine and there is no better place to treat someone than the Wombat Hill House and Garden.

The slice of Raspberry and White Chocolate Mud Cake was so generous that, when halved, we each had substantial portions. And those coffees were ‘jug sized’. We certainly came away feeling well satisfied.

After a superlative spring the Wombat Hill Gardens were looking their absolute best. Little wonder that this is my go to place when I am wanting to provide that special treat.

However there are a number of options in Daylesford.

The Book Barn is another favorite haunt, along with the Spring Park Nursery in nearby Eganstown. Their garden is looking particularly good this year and both of us came away with plants that seemed to call our name.

Summer Fun


Second Skin

It is going to be a wonderful summer of exploration all thanks to having spent a week immersed in textiles.

Life has a habit of distracting me but this blog is helping to keep me focused.

These are two books that I have on my Wish List at Book Depository. Hopefully they will arrive for me to devour in January.

Review of Second Skin by India Flint

Review of Second Skin by India Flint

If you’re into making do and mending, living sustainably, or even just trying to thrift a bit and save money; if you’re creative, love textiles, love beautiful imagery or just love a good, hearty coffee table book; if you’re all or some of the above, then Second Skin by India Flint could be the title to add to your wishlist.

“Almost from the moment of our birth we are wrapped in textiles of one form or another…”

While India’s book at first glance looks like a beautifully rendered reflection of her values, philosophies and thoughts about her place on the planet, it is also surprisingly choc-a-bloc full of hints, tips, tutorials, patterns and suggestions of how you can get more out of your clothes and textiles.

Review by Original Stitch