Lemurian Abbey

Beautiful Francis alone on a hill
He heard the call to build
He worked alone in the winter chill
A pledge that must be fulfilled
Barefoot in the snow
His fingers worked to the bone
The spirit dream must grow . . .
He bent to pile the stone
Sister Sun, My Sister Moon
You build with words not stone
Get me a cell and a line to the muse
You shall not build alone
Edwina Peterson Cross

For a period of time there was a quite unique order inhabitating the Lemurian Abbey, as envisioned by Heather Blakey, creator of the Soul Food Cafe. These were the early days of blogging, long before Facebook and other Social Networking Sites began to dominate the landscape.

Early in 2005 Heather created a virtual monastery at Soul Food using blogger. In an interview with Chris Dunmire she talked about how she envisioned the Lemurian Abbey as a place full of fine art and craft, a monastery that would be filled with tiny, Spartan cells where votaries of the muse could come, retreat behind walls and observe time differently. She believed that in this Monastery, time would not be measured with clocks and believed that monastic writers would be free to wander through the cloisters and walled gardens in a meditative state, capturing metaphors in their writing nets






courtesy of Lani Gerity Glanville

The Lemurian Abbey became a wonderful sanctuary for people eager to practice the Soul Food Way. A metamorphous began to take place and Heather realised that there was something magical happening on the site. A creative transformation was taking place and she could see that interaction and collaboration were working in an online setting.

Since this time the online landscape has changed completely. Perhaps there will be a time when some creatives return to work in a smaller, intimate group setting.

Here are links to the blogs and some of Heather’s favourite pieces from the original Abbey at Blogspot.

Moving In Day 2 Barbara Banta
Work and Leisure Barbara Banta
Lost in the Abbey Lani Gerity
Day 1 Jane Tilton
Miracles Barbara Banta
Coming Home An Ideal Patricia
Gathering Inspiration Bobby Fetterly
Mea Culpa Barbara Banta
Some Confessions Lani Gerity
A Stone Bit by Bit Vi Jones
Senses Vi Jones
Alive in the House of the Dead Anita Marie Moscoso

Sonnet to the Abbey Edwina Peterson Cross
Lady in Blue Edwina Peterson Cross
Back to the Abbey Gail Kavanagh
Abbey Meditation – The Circle Back Imogen Crest
Abbess in the Street Creativesque

The newer Lemurian Abbey has been abandoned for some time now but there is still plenty of evidence from the time when it was inhabited by creatives seeking respite on their artistic journeying.

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