The Spider Enters The Parlor

Searching For The Toxic Baby


When she returned to Riversleigh

the lights were on, the windows were opened to let in the fresh crisp  air and the birdsong and of course the music that Riversleigh River makes as it winds its way by the big grand house.

She stopped before making her way to the door and for a moment, and for just a second  the Sun seemed to fade, the air grew colder the birds stopped singing.

She sighed

looked up to the house with no expression on her shadow enshrouded  face and walked  forward to the door.

She hesitated and then:

She knocked and the sound, that short brief knock, boomed through the halls, it rattled the windows and somewhere in the house- someone said:

” Throw another log on the fire. Winter is here.”

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The Key in Riversleigh

It would seem that a magnetic force is drawing kindred spirits into Riversleigh. To learn more about Riversleigh and to find your way there simply follow a guide.

healing haven

It was one of those lovely winter days when I was lying on a branch of a tree, content to have shifted into a small female human and be hidden – or so I thought.  Suddenly the raven flapped down beside me and squawked.   I took it to mean “hello” so I responded appropriately.  She muttered as she reached under her wing and pulled out a small key on a string with her beak.

holding out the key

Extending it forward towards me, she nodded and murmured.  I tentively reached out and she nodded in response.  A key!  Whatever for?  As if she could hear my thoughts, she replied, “It is the key you will need as you travel in a variety of ways and many places.  Use it wisely!”

I was already in this realm of Riversleigh, so it wasn’t for me to get in.  Where might I need this?  Always more questions than answers.  As…

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Arriving at Riversleigh

It is so good to see residents arriving at Riversleigh Manor! A warm welcome to Sleepy Raven

Simple, rustic, beautiful <3 I love the disheveled way the curtains are draping.

I do believe this will be the year I get out of bed. But don’t wait for me. It will be a while. I am a sleepy raven. My feathers are heavy with memory. I cannot fly anymore. I have come to Riversleigh to clean my feathers that have become coated by the by-products of a natural disaster of a life.

I am a sad and sleepy raven, but a raven still…a trickster. Don’t count me out. I am a gatherer and an assembler. I work with what I find and there is no end to what I discover on my ravenly way.


Returning to Riversleigh

As I watch travellers coming back to Riversleigh I cannot help but think of the scene in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ as they watch the caravans arriving for another summer. I am just as excited as Gilbert and Arnie were.

Wolf Dreams

The Skink stuck his head up out of the flap on my big brown backpack and commented, “You know, the last time we went on a trip, it was that useless journey to find She Wolf.”

I jumped at the sound of the voice so close to my ear. “How did you get in there?” I grumbled. He certainly hadn’t been in there when I had jammed the bag full…come to think of it, how could he fit? I had stuffed the bag to bursting.

I felt the weight shift as he climbed out of the bag to sit on my shoulder. “Just arrived. But not a minute too soon – someone has to keep that nasty earwig-inner critic of yours in check. And his tin is in the bag, I see. No,” he continued as I drew a breath to protest his last statement, “I know you didn’t pack…

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A Foraging We Go

Since I gave up full time work and worked primarily from home I have come to enjoy going out for a few hours in the middle of the day. Over summer, when so many people are on holidays and out and about, I find it all the more important to go out for a few hours.

Yesterday while I was out I stopped at the Guildford General Store for a late lunch and then browsed at Book Heaven on the way back to Castlemaine.

Book Heaven Castlemaine

I managed to find a rare copy of Don Quixote with exquisite  Salvador Dali drawings.  With over 90,000 titles at Book Heaven it is hard to come away without anything.

Today a friend and I headed over to nearby Maldon and had Apple and Rhubarb pie at Zen Produce Store and then found the ‘inland beach’ at Welshman’s Reef Caravan Park area.


Photos on the Caravan Park’s site reveal a water wonderland here. But with strong gusty winds whipping up off the water it was not the time to have ‘dip’. However, there is no doubt that this is another good site for one of those spontaneous picnics.