Riversleigh Manor

The first time I came to Riversleigh, I came via a labyrinth. This time, I simply set off down the road and stepped around a corner. Riversleigh is sneaky like that, turning up just when you don’t expect it. One minute I was in the ice and below zero wind chills of home, and the next I was in my idea of paradise
Jane Wolfinbarger

Riversleigh Manor is a universe within a universe.
Lori Gloyd

The freedom to do whatever I wanted and to be whatever I wanted (at Riversleigh) was exhilarating.  All forms were possible.  And all forms were pleasing as each expressed a different part of myself and my Inner Child.  During this time I often reminisced about the days when Riversleigh was more fully occupied and inhabited, and how I interacted within the parameters of those people.  A rich realm, filled with unlimited potential for all – truly a blessing!
Healing Haven

Ravens Returning to Riversleigh

Ravens at Riversleigh


Quoth the Raven Evermore!
The skies of Riversleigh are filling as
Black winged ones
Cycle back to the beginning.

Finding Your Way To Riversleigh

Riversleigh is one of those places that is always in the same place. It is just that we sometimes forget how to reach it. With the return of Anastasia Riversleigh, the Manor is reopening and taking a limited number of residents.

Residents have ‘rooms of their own’ (blogs) and communicate with other residents through the  Facebook account of Anastasia Riversleigh. Accredited, active members can join the Riversleigh Manor Group at Facebook.

To come through the portal, into the world of Riversleigh is simply another way of congregating and sharing with like minded creatives.

Riversleigh Residents

Sleepy Raven
Healing Haven
Murmuring Woods – Imogen Crest

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