On Bullet Holes and Uninhabited Spaces

Looking back, over a twenty five year time span, it can feel like there are more empty parts of me than there are that are occupied.

It has felt like my body was caught in a war zone and that what is left is holes and empty spaces that still remain unoccupied!

Some of the empty spaces seem apartment sized.

Multiple loss is the hole/apartment sized space generator!

Life can shrink as you spend your time looking at the holes!

You can find yourself hole obsessed and focusing on the negative space.

At 60 it felt daunting that so many things that had been an essential part of me, were emptied, leaving holes and big spaces.

It is tough to rebuild.

The good news is that rebuilding can be done.

However, the bullet holes remain a permanent feature, a reminder!

Facing another, admittedly smaller, bullet hole I ponder on my resolve to expand my life beyond the holes.

Note to self: It is possible!

A Piano Graveyard

Just outside the tiny town of York sits a piano graveyard, where the majestic instruments are taken to die.

While I was foraging I happened upon this art installation that grew organically and in doing so, embraced the, all but taboo, subjects of death and decomposition.

The Fling scene from Northern Exposure – Compliments of Lori Gloyd