The Red Woman


Burnie has taken up residence with me and she is lighting up the house and stoking my creative fires.

She has all of the power of Game of Thrones Melisandra but her dominant aspect is that of Hestia, protector of the Hearth.

I have felt the influence of this ‘Red Woman’ immediately. She has altered the feel of my home and we have been cooking up a storm.

Yesterday I went out in the autumn sunshine with a friend and we enjoyed collecting ‘food’ for this vivacious companion.

Today is a public holiday here in Australia and we will gather more kindling and pine cones to stock up for the winter that is coming.

Meanwhile I have had a load of wood delivered, brewed a delicious soup, cooked sausage rolls, test run a roast and a fruit crumble dessert, made porridge and basked in the warmth and company.

Winter is coming and I am looking forward to days indoors with my Red Lady.